Mobile Application Service Level Agreement

1.4. The Kony Cloud consists of the Kony-Plattform software stack and the Kony Cloud base, which contains the necessary APIs, automation, security, scalability and monitoring for the operation of the Kony platform. Kony Cloud`s infrastructure is provided by amazons AWS-Cloud. Kony is the official partner and reseller of AWS services. A. Kony will make every reasonable commercial effort to provide program updates to operate with new versions of operating systems currently supported by the manufacturer of mobile device manufacturers, in accordance with the following schedules: The services described in an ALS include tasks that suppliers perform and perform to meet a customer`s needs. The obligations relate to the responsibilities that suppliers must fulfill in order to stop the end of the agreement. While SLA applications are present at the system level, you can limit them to the organization, so that only internal users can view the documents. Unless you specify the values of the website and the organization, anyone with access can view your ALS. After receiving the error and the first details of the client`s examination, Kony begins to diagnose the error and supports the client until: (i) the bug is fixed or a change of problem is provided; (ii) is assigned to the customer as a “customer problem” when the error is considered a customer`s responsibility; or (iii) assigned to a third party (z.B Oracle for a Java virtual machine execution issue) if the error is considered a third party, unless the third party is Amazon AWS, in which the error is assigned to Kony. Kony and the client will work together during the investigation, so that the current status will be visible to both parties. All errors reported in the Kony support portal will be answered based on the severity described below. To correct an error, a first phase of review is required.

When a user reports an error to the hosted software, the client`s support staff first conducts an initial investigation to ensure that the error is not caused by misuse of the hosting service. Software developed/provided by the customer, any dependence on the customer`s back-end systems or because of the customer`s use of applications/software by third parties.